Private room

Restaurant Café Puffelen features a unique private room with a bar where we can arrange a private lunch, a reception with drinks and dinner parties for groups. The private room is located on the mezzanine of the monumental canal house and is ideal for group lunches, meetings, business dinners, and graduation receptions.

Meetings, drink, dine
The private room Restaurant van Puffelen is a cozy, intimate space where you can gather, lunch, have drinks and have dinner. Would you like your business meeting to be quiet and succesful, have a drink afterwards and finish the meeting relaxed with a delicious dinner? Are you a graduate and do you want to celebrate your graduation by inviting a select group of friends and family to dine and then drink with all your friends at your reception? Would you like to get your stag party started with a delicious lunch? In consultation almost anything is possible.

Read more about our possibilities for groups on the group page. Contact information can be found here.

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